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Rich entertainment

Professional Wedding & Event DJ Hire

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About Rich

I’m Rich Fletcher, owner of Rich Entertainment.   I specialise in providing quality DJ services for weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions and student events.

I have been DJing professionally since 2011.  

I will be ale to provide myself as DJ, a quality DJ booth, plus many different types of LED lighting for your event. The lighting can be set to any colour theme and I have quite a few Light scenes for the dance floor including a white snow image pattern for the bride and groom’s first dance, for example.

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As a Professional DJs, we always want to make sure we are up to date with not only music, but presentation methods and display ideas. Training seminars, and meetings with other professionals are a must, and it really does make a difference to our output. We are always maintaining our good standards and this will show when you book with us, and we will never send out untried and unknown DJs.

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Do you have a child that would like to learn about mixing, DJing and to learn the industry? Richard Fletcher has 2 years experience in tutoring, and can happily teach your child to learn the basics of being a DJ, and to help make music from Logic Pro X.

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Thank you for DJing at my 40th Party. You got everyone dancing on the dancefloor and played all the music I requested ~ definitely use Rich Entertainment’s DJ Services again. Thank you!

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Thanks so much Richard for Saturday, really enjoyed the music. Lovely to meet u will be sure to recommend!

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